Beowulf’s guide to the last few decades of fashion!

The Seventies: ‘Check out how GROOVY I am!’

‘Yes, I am wearing a tie.. but look how wide it is.. and it is brightly coloured! My hair is also unconventionally long and my jeans are wide at the bottom! Woah.. GROOVY!’

 The Eighties: ‘Check out how MISUNDERSTOOD I am!’ 

‘Look at my effortlessly floppy hair, braces and DMs. I am also wearing a flak jacket. Boy, am I MISUNDERSTOOD!’

 The Nineties: ‘Check out how WIERD I am!’

‘Yes, I am male, but I am wearing black nail polish, have blue hair and facial piercings! I bet you think that that’s pretty WIERD!’

 The Noughties: ‘Check out how CASUAL I am!’

‘Look at my messy hair and stubble! I also have a wrinkled shirt and wear trainers with a suit! I’m just so CASUAL!’

Et Cetera..

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