‘Sex And The City’ – a review

Well, obviously, I understand that now there is a magic box in which little people perform plays, and a lot of people have these boxes. One of the plays – ‘Sex And The City’  – is about four serving wenches who quest out of their village to a place where buildings are tall and people talk about clothes before having sex.

Well, it’s all very confusing to someone like myself, but following the adventures of Carrie, SamanthaLeofwen and  Kyneþryð (or whatever their names are) is not without some entertainment value. Notwithstanding the fact that they consistently refer to themselves as ‘girls’ despite being of an age when most sane women have taken to embroidery, and in addition to talk of clothing before sex, they are also very interested in talk of sex whilst wearing clothing.

Also, they appear to always have bathed recently which is a novelty in itself!

The character Carrie is constantly engaged in a battle of wits with a warrior simply known as Big, a name worthy of any of my spear-thanes. Although Big also discusses sex, he is great in both stature and renown.

Apparently, there is a larger version of the play available in  theatres right now, and I would recommend a visit to see this mighty warrior’s exploits. However, I would recommend against paying too much attention to the strange women who discuss sex and wear clothes, as it may blur your mind before battle.

I raise my drinking horn to him! 


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