The art of the ‘boys vs. girls’ music video..

( ‘Sex war’ ? Not whilst we have the power of interpretative dance !)

(It almost seems as if you have seen this video somewhere before..)

(Yes.. I’m starting to see a common thread developing.. at least this bunch were a bit friendlier to each other!)

(Note: I would say that Li’l Kim should stick to rap and leave the singing alone until she has had a li’l more practise. That’s not me ‘holding her back’ from anything other than the wrath of Simon Cowell. And Christina.. you’re not black, sweetheart. Neither are you from a tough neighbourhood. Just sayin’. )

Yes, Beowulf raises his drinking horn to the masterful creativity of the music video director! Now, I wonder if there are any music videos out there that feature a group being filmed through a fish-eye lens in Times Square..

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